A Not Quite Neutral Nail

Friday, 16 January 2015

Chanel Le Vernis in #607 Delight
Before I return to the colours in this collection and my neutral/nude/beige/taupe nail polish loving ways, I thought I've give something subtle on last hurrah.  It's the weekend, prime preening and pampering time so I've reached for an old favourite Chanel Le Vernis in #607 Delight.  

Part of the Summer 2013 collection, Delight is described as a bronze by Chanel but on me at least, it is more of a metallic-y, warm bronze gold shade.  In some lights, this looks almost rose gold.  The finish is smooth, application is easy, no visible brush strokes left behind.  The formula of this is very similar to Graphite.  Highly pigmented, I get full coverage using two coats.  It is opaque after one but I always apply two.  While the colour is super packed with sparkle, there is no grit or glitter just a foil like high shine finish that it isn't a pain to remove. No tinfoil needed here!  I get some tip wear but I never really have a problem with Chanel polishes chipping on me and this is no exception.

Next on my nail polish wish list is Tenderly, part of Chanel's Spring 2015 range and out on counter on 23rd.  I'm counting down the days...


  1. Wow this looks lovely, I love chanel polishes, my favourite is taboo.

  2. I've always avoided Chanel polishes as everyone says they chip so badly, but I may just have to make a purchase and see for myself! Such a gorgeous shade!



    1. I know they have a bad rep but with the exception of one or two shades (Vertigo I'm looking at you), I've never had an issue with them!

  3. This looks amazing. Do you have any Pictures of your nails with this polish on?

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