The Festive Candle - Diptyque Épice

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I buy and love candles year round but I particularly like burning them at this time of year. If the electricity ever goes, I'm your woman!  Along with eating too much, catching up with friends and family, enjoying lie-ons and watching Home Alone for the millionth time, it has become a bit of a festive tradition to buy a new Christmas candle.  A recent trip to JO Malone ended up with me purchasing the not so seasonal Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle so it's up to Diptyque Épice Candle to take the festive reigns...

I bought this in the miniature size as I couldn't make my mind up as to which of Diptique's festive trio I wanted.  If this doesn't look like a Christmas appropriate candle then I don't know what does.  I love Diptyque's offerings and this is no exception.  They burn evenly and for its small size, you can smell this throughout the house hours after it has been extinguished.  The red glass jar with gold looks lovely and the spicy yet sweet scent is warming and evocative of Christmas.

A little luxury.  If anyone is having last minute present purchasing panic, this would make a great gift.


  1. love having candles, i have way too many now but they make the room look so pretty even when they're not lit!

  2. I love festive candles & this Diptique offering sounds wonderful. I love the packaging too

  3. Nothing better than a Diptyque candle for pure luxury. Great christmas pressie!


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