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Sunday, 9 November 2014

When I first put fingers to keyboard and started Luxe Life Aspirations, I wasn't expecting anyone to read it.  It was just for me and the thought that surely writing about my beauty obsession was a positive thing - you know writing it down being the first step to recovery...

Now many posts later, it amazes me that anyone who is not friends/family and therefore obliged and/or bribed to, reads it.  So if you would like to keep up with my make up musing, skincare series and such, I have a couple of options for you below!

If you’d like to hear more of my ramblings on skincare, musings on beauty and keep track of what is fast becoming less blog more a guilty (not so guilty) on line account of my shopping and spending habits, you can do so via:

Bloglovin’  this is my favourite way to follow blogs and keep up to day with the latest enabling posts.

Or you can find me on Twitter 

I'm also on Instagram with a few pics of food and far too many of my dog thrown in!  That face though...


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