Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I have been cheating.  On my go-to fragrance.  Instead of my usual, signature scent, I've been wearing Tom Ford Velvet Orchid and LOVING it.  For years I've been wearing the original Tom Ford Black Orchid but recently I bought the new version and well, there's no going back now.  I didn't think I needed this, it turns out I was wrong.

This is were my utter uselessness at describing scents comes into play.  I can't describe it other than being distinctly Tom Ford.  A warm heady scent, it is musky without being too heavy. (Or migraine inducing!)  Maybe just have a little sniff sesh if you like warm, rich scents!  I was hesitant to buy this but I should have know that it was only a matter of time before I was in Brown Thomas, redeeming those loyalty points without hesitation!  

To my untrained nose, it is very similar to Black Orchid but this is its more day time appropriate sister. Whereas Black Orchid is more woody, this to me, is slightly more floral.  I adore this, it was love at first, spritz.  Longevity is impressive too, I apply this in the morning and the scent lingers all day.  I love the gorgeous purple art deco bottle.  I receive compliments whenever I wear this and on one occasion it resulted in a guy running down Grafton Street after me!  To ask what I was wearing because it smelled so good - and he thought his girlfriend would like it...

Not the cheapest, I know but it is Tom Ford and besides can you really put a price on smelling this good?


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