The Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée Shower Gel

Monday, 10 November 2014

Now that Halloween is over, I'm beginning to get into the Christmas spirit.  Yes, I said the "C" work. No, it's not too early.  I'm starting with festive fragrances and The Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée Shower Gel.  

This is utterly addictive.  You know when you dread having to get up on cold, dark, rainy mornings? Those mornings were there is serious abuse of the snooze button?  Well, this makes the prospect of actually getting up and into that shower a little less painful.  The magic doesn't end there.  This smells incredible and so now my bathroom and I smell pretty darn amazing too.  It has a true warm, vanilla scent.  Nothing artificial or overly sweet here.  The shower gel itself has a comforting, thick, rich, creamy texture which means that it stays on the skin and lathers up well.  A little goes a long way.  As it is soap free, it leaves my skin super soft.  So when you have those 6.00am starts, you can skin faffing around and using a body lotion altogether.  Did I mention that skin lingering scent?  The corner-stone of a good body wash, no?  Many things make me happy, strong coffee - yes, glossy magazines - most definitely and lipstick - hell yes!  But for me to get this excited over a shower gel, it must be good. 

You can pick this up from The Body Shop for €8.99   Anything that makes those early mornings a little more luxurious and a lot less dreary is a winner in my book.  I fear it's limited edition so I'm off to stock up!


  1. I received this for Christmas last year and actually put it away in the Summer and just this weekend pulled it out to get in the festive spirit.



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