Crazy at Chanel

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

You all know my heart lies with neutrals.  That's all I've got. That's it.  That's my explanation as to how this happened...

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #625 Secret  is a warm, cream, peach toned nude.  If you already own the shade Emprise, you may not need this.  I clearly did, evidently...  Secret is very similar but with more beige in it.  Neutral nail polish #5,3241 added to the stash but I mean when is ever not appropriate to sport a nude nail.  I've been lacquering up with this for weeks now and lovin' it.  I know I'm in the minority but I quite like Chanel polishes.  Actually, a quick scan of the number of them in my collection and it would appear that I bloomin' love 'em!  A base coat and top coat over the top and this dries to a glass-like high shine finish.  Wear time isn't too bad either.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #78 Interlude I couldn't leave the counter with just one thing it would seem.  I bought the nail polish but couldn't just leave it at that.  Hence the title, going crazy at Chanel/notions at Chanel/losing the run of myself at Chanel etc. etc. But if this is not a thing of lipstick beauty then I don't know what is.  I love the Coco Shine formula.  Admittedly, not very pigmented or long lasting but glossy, moisturising and extremely comfortable to wear.  This is a gorgeous peachy/coral shade and has slightly more opacity than other Coco Shines I own.

What was I just saying in a recent post?  That I couldn't wait for Autumn/Winter to wear more burnished and berry tones?  Oops...


  1. That polish looks lovely, I do like Chanel polishes as a treat!

    1. I know they have a bad rep but I really like them! A bit too much maybe...


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