Summer Skin SOS

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I hold my hand up, I might be skincare obsessed, there may be far too many Cult Beauty orders delivered to my house and I have a collection to rival the shelves in Space NK, but when it comes to using body lotions you know somewhat regularly, I fall down.  It's just always been something I neglect.  Anyone remember my beauty resolutions post?  Oops.

Excuses, excuses I know but in the mornings I'm rushing and don't want to have to wait for cream to sink in before getting dressed for work and in the evenings after a bath, I'm just thinking PJs on and bed.  Useless and by useless, read lazy!  The weather has finally picked up and I have to grudgingly bare some skin as it's just too warm for my usual uniform of an over sized COS top and Topshop Leigh jeans.  As nobody need see my neglected parched pins, I've been slathering on a rich cream religiously. Helping me wage the war on dry, scorched Summer skin is Kiehl's Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter in Grapefruit 

I need to start by saying how incredible this smells.  Seriously go to your nearest Kiehl's store and give this a sniff.  It smells like Summer and good enough to eat.  It smells like the actual fruit.  Sweet but not artificial or overpowering.  Just a fresh and clean scent.  Can grapefruit be described as clean?! This rich textured body butter is surprisingly easily absorbed and sinks into the skin.  It is intensely hydrating and leaves my skin super soft, smooth and moisturised.  

My new favourite post bath-time treat. Now, why didn't I start this in I don't know March? 


  1. This looks divine! I'm going to run out of my body butter soon as this is going straight on my shopping list! :)

    Lis x

    1. Even see if you can get a sample, it smells divine!


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