Sisley Facial Mask with Linden Blossom

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My last post was a run through of my favourite clay based / deep cleansing masks as my skin can be a little bit oilier in the Summer with warmer, more humid weather.  Being the skincare nut that I am, I've recently added a new face mask into the mix, Sisley Facial Mask with Linden Blossom.  As most of my masks are decongesting and detoxifying, I wanted to try something new and to balance things out by injecting some radiance and hydration back into my skin.

This is super gentle and such a treat to use.  A little bit of skincare heaven in a tube.  It has a subtle floral linden blossom fragrance and a thick cream consistency.  Due to the texture of the mask, I think it's hard to apply a thin layer so you probably end up using more of the product than necessary.  That's the only gripe I have with this, as like all Sisley products, it doesn't come cheap.  I use this when I think things are looking a bit dull and in need of some TLC.  

I apply this to cleansed, dry skin for at least 20 minutes and it soothes and calms.  I imagine it would work well with even the most sensitive skins.  I can be prone to redness on my cheeks, (seriously redness on my cheeks, an acne prone t-zone and ahem ageing - what else you got for me skin?!) this reduces redness and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking healthy.  I find that when I use this at night, my skin absorbs the products I use for the rest of my evening skincare routine more easily.  

I'm most definitely a skincare fanatic.  Up there with cleansers, masks hold a special place in my heart...


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