By Terry Baume de Rose Nutri Couleur

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The By Terry Baume de Rose Nutri Couleur in #3 Cherry Bomb has been on my wish list since I heard they were to launch.  The original is my HG lip balm and believe me, I have tried ALL of the lip products.  A quick glance through past posts on LLA and you'll see rave reviews aplenty.  Honestly, I shudder to think of the number of times I have repurchased it now and always have at least two on the go at any one time, one in my handbag and one at home.  So I was super, I mean ridiculously excited to try one of the new(ish) tinted versions.  I am now utterly addicted to this.  

I went for the shade Cherry Bomb which is gorgeous, an almost red toned pink.  It is not quite opaque but it is not half as sheer as I thought it would be. This imparts a nice wash of colour, lasts well on the lips and then fades nicely to a stain.  Like the original, the formula is amazing.  It still has the same thick texture but not sticky in the slightest.  Unlike other lip balms, this feels really nourishing and hydrating, like it is actually doing something and not just sitting on your lips.  

A lip balm like no other.  Thankfully, because at €42, they are not cheap!  These leaves my lips feeling silky soft and so has earned its place in my heart and in my lip product stash, you hear that purse? Although I have slight buyer regret and kinda wish I picked up Mandarina Pulp because you know, I need more peach toned lip products...


  1. It sounds fabulous, but seriously €42?! It had better be worth it! :o) Xx

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