Tom Ford Tuesday

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My deepest apologies, I hope the title was not too misleading.  I'd give it my best shot but unfortunately, I cannot afford for this to be regular Tuesday thing... Today's post is a tale of the Tom Ford Lipsticks that I love.  What better way to brighten up a Tuesday morning than with these things of lipstick beauty?

08 Flamingo - one that probably doesn't get enough wear because well, it has been proven that when it comes to lipstick I have a type - neutral! This is a gorgeous bright pink very similar in colour to Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet in 43 La Favorite.

13 Blush Nude - on me at least, this and 12 Nude Vanille are very alike.  Blush Nude has a slightly more brown undertone.  So similar that I thought that I had bought a shade I already owned (it wouldn't be the first time!)  You definitely don’t need both.  I obviously do but you don't... 

15 Wild Ginger - my go to night time red.  I wish I was brave enough to rock this while in Super Value doing the grocery shopping but alas I am not.  This is a stunning tomato red with a hint of orange.

Lip Colour Shine 08 Frolic - the high shine of a gloss without the gloop and the comfort of a lip balm.  This imparts a sheer wash of neutral peach colour.  

01 Spanish Pink - a more recent purchase, this mid pink toned nude has a barely detectable shimmer that just adds something to it.  Definitely a my lips but better contender.

There's no question, that these are high-end luxury lipsticks with the prices to match but I find them very easy and comfortable to wear.  Ah who remembers Pink Dusk?  It all started from there...


  1. I picked up Flamingo on my trip to the States last week. Part me is disgusted I spent so much on a lipstick the other part of me couldn't be happier with such a delight!


  2. Oh wow these colours are gorgeous! I desperately wish I could afford such lovely lipsticks! xx


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