The Skincare #41: Crème De La Mer - The Tonic

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Toners have always played a part in my skincare routine as this recent post will attest to.  While I'm no stranger to oil absorbing or exfoliating toners, it is only recently that I have added more hydrating ones into the mix.  And it was the search for such a toner that lead me to a LA Mer counter and purchasing the Crème De La Mer - The Tonic.

With a blend of marine rich ingredients, the tonic refreshes and tones the skin after cleansing.  My cheeks can be prone to redness but this feels soothing and calming on the skin.  Its hydrating formula leaves my skin feeling soft and supple and works wonders on any dehydrated areas.

I've tried a few things from La Mer previously and not all have blown me away but while I'm not completely sold on it's revitalising claims but I'm really impressed with this so far.  Also, it is very refreshing on the skin.  I can't wait to use this when (if) the weather gets warmer.

I bought mine from Brown Thomas but you can also find La Mer in Harvey Nichols Dundrum. Extremely spendy, but can you really put a price on glowing skin?  (Yes, I could justify almost any purchase!)


  1. This toner is absolutely fantastic! A few of my friends use this as well and they all say its a really great product! x


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