The Nail File #36: Deborah Lippmann in Dublin

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Apologies if the title of this post is slightly misleading.  I don't mean to suggest that Deborah Lippmann herself is in here but to convey how excited I was to see that Harvey Nichols are now stocking her products.  Countless times I have been tempted to order from Selfridges but the the delivery cost always put me off so it's great that we can get our mitts or should that be talons on the brand in Dublin.

My top coat has gone a little gloopy so I was in dire need of a new one. I picked up the Deborah Lippmann Need For Speed Top Coat.  This stuff is all kinds of amazing.  I don't know what witchery they have going on but this dries fast.  It may not leave behind the almost gel like shine of Seche Vite's offering but as its formulated without all of the nasties the latter contains I'll over look it.  

I also bought the Deborah Lippmann Turn Back Time Base Coat.  I'm not sure I've noticed the effects of it's anti-ageing benefits but it works just as well as any other base coat I've tried.  It stops polish from staining my nails and ensures that my fresh manicure lasts longer than a hot minute.

Finally because I felt like there was a neutral nail polish shaped gap in my collection (this may be a lie) I also picked up the Deborah Lippmann Creme Nail Polish in Naked.  I like the brush for ease of application, it leaves a streak free, smooth finish and is opaque in two coats.  As for the shade, there's always room for another warm, creme, nude nail, right?


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