The Shopping # 25: New In, New Balance

Saturday, 15 February 2014

 A strange thing occurred.  I bought runners/trainers!  Not that I'll be doing any running in them mind you.  *Scoffs at the very idea and continues eating chocolate* Of course not, I have a pair of perfectly good hot pink Nike Free trainers for not running in...but I thought these New Balance trainers would be great for dress down days and lazy weekends.  

Typically, I stomp around in boots throughout Winter and then swap them for sandals in the Summer so I needed, oh okay, wanted to fill the comfy, casual in-between footwear option shaped hole in my wardrobe besides the neglected, gathering dust above mentioned Nikes!  These fit the bill and fill that void perfectly.  I love the grey and gold tones and think these look fab when you have some ankle on show!?  

Comfy, throw on and go-with everything and dare I saw it, not too casual that when I wear them to work on a Friday, I get an email from my boss along the lines of "Michelle, a word? Now!"  I picked these beauties up from Office.  


  1. These look tiny, like you've got tiny feet hehe. I love wearing trainers day to day, my converse are well and truly battered.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

    1. I wish, it's more to do with me messing around with the picture settings and not knowing how to fix it! They're so comfy though :)


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