The Skincare #44: The Sisley Selection

Friday, 31 January 2014

I've bemoaned mentioned my skin woes 73241 times previously.  It's on the oily side of combination and I'm finding more and more that is is becoming increasingly sensitive.  The products I use to banish blemishes sometimes lead to stressed skin.  So I've had to bring out the big guns, two that deliver as promised.  Enter Sisley Creamy Mask With Tropical Resins and Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask which are the perfect pairing.

I'm a huge fan of clay masks for when my skin is more shiny than glowy!  The Sisley Creamy Mask With Tropical Resins works to draw out impurities and banish blackheads.  I find that this helps to control shine and mattify my skin without being harsh, stripping or leaving my skin dry or tight. Unlike some other clay masks this doesn't harden and dry "mask-like" on your skin.  I find that this also works wonders on individual spots as a targeted blemish banisher too!

When it's not blemishes but dullness/lack of radiance that's concerning me (there's always something isn't there?) I reach for my Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask.  This is just the thing for calming and hydrating dehydrated or stressed skin.  My skin just drinks this up!  When things are particularly bad, I sometimes leave this on over night as an intensive treatment - it could hydrate the Sahara!


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