The Nail File #27: Chanel Le Vernis 539 Rose Moiré

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Recently I welcomed another nail polish to the stash, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 593 Rose Moiré. I hadn't planned to buy this.  I haven't heard anything about it at all, haven't seen or read any reviews and I've gone rogue as I purchased this without any beauty blogger enablement...

It when I was finally buying the Chanel Les Beiges Powder, this caught my eye.  Not something I would normally go for, one of only a handful of pink shades in my collection but I was drawn to the unusual combination of soft pink shimmer and metallic hue.  Please excuse this picture, in my enthusiasm to rush home and put this on, I appear to have painted my cuticles as well as my nails!  

A beautiful shade, applies easily, essentially opaque in one coat and while Chanel polishes have a bad rep' for their longevity, I think the metallic formula aids its lasting power.  Perhaps not the most seasonal of picks but I love it.


  1. Love the color- very classic!

  2. Color is so classy and elegant <3
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  3. It's really really nice. Kind of like silk! :) x

    Živa | Nothin' Fancy. Really.


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