The Edit #25: David Kirsch B12 Spray

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I toyed with the idea of publishing this post.  You may come here for advice, a smattering of hauls, reviews on all things skincare and beauty.  Or to find out I paid how much for a shower gel? (Hi, Mum!) But a post on a supplement has never been penned before, until now!

But hang in there, it's all connected because I don't know about you but while soldiering on in the face of flu-based adversity, I don't look too hawt!  The hair piled onto head, over sized PJ wearing, red runny nose look is not one of my better ones!  So while perusing the aisle of Space NK, the David Kirsch B12 Spray caught my eye.  I had never tried anything from the wellness guru's range so thought I would give this a shot.  This is the perfect pick me up when you need energy fast.  I'm sure it's partly a placebo effect but I find that when I take this, I feel less tired, I'm not ill as often and have more get-up-and-go!  And when I feel that way first thing on a Monday morning without the aid of coffee, it's gotta be working right?

You just spray this a few times under your tongue daily, the fact that it tastes like strawberries is a bonus.  Should you need some oomph, you can pick this up from Space NK.  Normal makeup musings with resume shortly...


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