The Skincare #30: Blemish Banishing

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Recently I have been taking the softly softly approach to my skincare.  I have learnt that using harsh drying products on my oily acne prone skin causes it to become even oilier.  I would seem that the more I fight it, the more it fights back.  So now I regularly use oils, hydrating masks and serums - all things that would have been alien to months ago.  But from time to time I have to say forget that and reach for the big gun zit zappers.

The first of these added to my acne fighting arsenal was the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  The glass bottle shows the two tone solution inside.  The top layer is a mixture of salicylic acid, alcohol and water among other ingredients, while the bottom is a thicker pink liquid containing calamine lotion.  A similar offering with salicylic acid, zine and camphor is the Malin+Goetz Acne Treatment.  To use you dip a cotton bud into the bottom mix and apply it to individual blemishes.  They work to dry up blemishes but as they are quite drying I take care to make sure I don't get any on the surrounding skin.  
Having tried many such products over the years, on my never-ending quest for perfect skin, I feel like these are two of the best.


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