The Edit #20: Bath-Time Beauty

Friday, 5 July 2013

I’m on the fence when it comes to baths!  (No need for alarm, I do have them and shower daily - promise!) I’m just unsure as to how I feel about having an actual bath!  Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of them.  I think at the end of a long stressful day, a nice relaxing bath will do the trick.  I’ve been rediscovering my hidden (some would say dormant) outdoorsy side recently and have been trying to go for regular runs so a bath afterwards sounds ah-mazing.  Bathe those aches and pains away. Magazines and bath product reviews on YouTube and Blogs make me feel like I’m missing out.  I want to light some candles, sink into a nice bubble bath, read and unwind...

The reality is somewhat different:

I usually run a bath that’s too hot or not warm enough.  With the first I nearly pass out from the steam and heat or the latter means I can’t sit there for too long as it’s beginning to get cold.  

Prune like skin, maybe my fingertips, just the tips are dehydrated or something as my fingers always tend to go funny and wrinkly - nice.  

Read a book/magazine?  I can’t tell you the amount of reading material that has ended up in the bath too!  Kudos to those of you that read an iPad or Kindle in the tub, it’s a risky business!  

I’m envy itself at those of you who go all out and light candles and the like, frankly I’m too lazy to gather some up and trundle off to the bathroom with them.  

And then I’m faced with this weird dilemma do I then shower afterwards to wash the bath bombs/oils/salts et al off me?  I guess I've found the whole experience a bit underwhelming…

To help ease myself tentatively into the tub, I’ve been loving Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil.  Vetivert, camomile and sandalwood = this smelling so incredible!  This also leaves your skin feeling extremely soft so you could forego body moisturiser afterwards and head straight to bed for a restful night’s sleep.  Now who doesn’t like the sound of that?


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