The Nail File #19: Essie Lilacism

Saturday, 29 June 2013

I feel bad penning a post about nail Essie nail polishes, lazy beauty blogging at its best because what positive adjective can I use to describe them that I haven't used before.  I am running out of ways to express my love for them.  Let me try.

I love how accessible and readily available they are.  Not a trip to Boots goes by without me perusing the Essie stand.   Even if I did just go in for cotton wool...They are not too expensive at a reasonable £7.99.  I like these, the diffusion line brushes that are wider so make for easier application.  I find the older thinner brushes too fiddly.  I like the formula and consistency.  Aside from the paler shades, they are generally opaque in two coats.  Unlike some other brands (that I won't name, always complain about yet keep buying, so much so that I have a collection on them here) the longevity is super impressive too.  I get a good few days before there are even signs of tip wear, despite my constant clattering away on the keyboard.

Essie Lilacism is no exception.  This is a gorgeous creamy almost pastel, true lilac shade.  Oh Essie, thank you for your never-ending parade of pretty, I heart you so!


  1. Very nice colour ;)
    Lovely nails!

  2. Gorgeous shade!


  3. I love Essie shades and this is no exception! It's one of my favourites colours ever!


    1. I love them, my Essie addiction is getting a bit out of hand now... :)

  4. I love that colour! i'm going to have to get that its so pretty!! <3 <3

  5. This is a gorgeous colour, I think lilacs are my favourite nail colours x

  6. this is such a pretty pastel colour! just perfect for summer! looks amazing on your nails!

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)


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