The Lips #18: The Lip Balm Low-Down

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I suffer from really dry lips.  Yeah I know, Sod's Law - stupidly oily skin but very dry lips!  As a result I'm a bit of a lip balm floozie!  For a lipstick lover like myself, I need to make sure my lips are in good condition so there are no dry patches for product to cling to.  Also, a lot of the time I forgo lipstick altogether and just swipe on a bit of lip balm and go.  Today I thought I would bring you my faves;

The newest addition isn't technically a lip balm at all but an oil, in the form of Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil.  I have to admit I bought this on a whim (read some N.Dulge points burning a hole in my purse) with no expectations at all but I really like it.  It has quite a thick consistency and feels very hydrating. Also, did I mention the 24 carat gold plated applicator?

My chapped lip saviour is the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser.  This is a miracle worker for seriously dry, sore lips.  I use this as an overnight product because 1. it is a thick white cream that leaves a white cast on the lips and I look utterly ridiculous and 2. I don't want to go crazy slathering my more pricey versions on at night.

Speaking of expensive options, I have La Mer The Lip Balm.  Yes, it is ridiculously spendy but I love love love it!  Goodbye dry cracked lips.  It is really moisturising and the minty scent is lovely too.  I think this is my third one.  If eating baked beans for lunch means I can afford super soft lips, I'll take it!

A much more purse-friendly option is my Nivea Lip Butter.  I have the vanilla and macadamia version.  I don't think that this offers deep hydration or would work on super dry lips but it is readily available, cheap, cheerful and works well under lipstick.  Did I mention the scent?  It smells good enough to eat!

One with SPF is the By Terry Baume De Rose which contains SPF 15.  A thick moisturising balm with a gorgeous rose scent that leaves lips smooth and soft.  This leaves a nice shine on the lips.  This is also marketed as being a great cuticle cream.  I can't vouch for that as this being another non budget buy, I save it for my lips :)


  1. Really want to try the Nivea lip butters have no idea why I haven't yet!

  2. I can't live without my Nivea lip butter!! It has to come with me everywhere!! Just found your blog and I love it :)

    Trish xo

    1. I know with me at all times! Ah thanks for having a read :)


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