The Skincare #16: Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye Balm

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A task that excites me far too my skincare collection.  During one such organising session, I rediscovered Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye Balm.  I was using up others from my stash as mentioned in my Eye Creams post but couldn't wait to start using this.  So keen in fact, that I threw away the box and used this before I could take photos.  Beauty blogger fail - sorry!

I absolutely love using this.  As it is so thick, I've added this to my night-time skincare routine and use one of my lighter eye creams during the day, when wearing makeup.  This is a rich balm with an almost waxy texture but thins out when you're applying it.  
This is super hydrating and works to smooth out the delicate eye area.  Perfect for anyone who has very dry skin around their eyes and needs a cream with a little more oomph.  

dab a healthy dose around my peepers at night and in the morning it leaves the skin around my eyes moisturised and makes my eyes look more refreshed, even if more often than not I'm considering having my coffee administered through a drip and don't feel refreshed :)


  1. This post is very interesting
    And you have such a nice blog !
    I'm glad I found it


    Coline ♡

  2. I've been getting more than a little paranoid about the fine lines around my eyes that have suddenly started to appear so I may have to invest in some of this. Although coffee via a drip sounds ideal x

    1. There's not enough coffee in the world that could have saved me today :)

  3. This is looks like great eye balm. Great review! I'm a new follower. Hope you can follow back.

    xx, Gina

    1. It's good stuff! Ah thanks for having a read! Is your blog on Bloglovin'?


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