The Edit #11: Another Liebster Award

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another Liebster Award?  That is settled, I’m so printing this out and sticking it on my fridge!

Before I go on, I’m sure you’re already following, but just in case, you should go and check out Lauren's blog - LCGXO here.  She has kindly nominated me and runs an amazing blog, with great reviews and posts.

Because I've already done the facts about myself in this one, I will answer Lauren’s questions now.

1. What is your ultimate goal in life?  To own a Prada Saffiano tote?  No, seriously (not that I’m not serious about the bag!)  I guess just to be happy and healthy!  Cheesy I know!

2. Where do you shop the most?  In my dreams, Reiss and All Saints.  In reality, Topshop and Zara so often that the staff in my nearest Topshop recognise me, it's getting awkward...

3. What's one of the best most impacting lesson you have learned in life so far?  Ooh a difficult one.  Well that I do not, under any circumstance suit dark hair and that (30 going on 70 here) that phrase “your health is your wealth” is true!

4. What's your guilty pleasure?  I watch far too much crappy/reality tv!  You know what, I’m not even guilty!

5. What can't you live without? Have I used up my “cheese” limit with the first answer?  If not, friends and family!  Otherwise my phone, my dog, coffee…

6. Do you believe in love? Yes!  Although I’m currently single and most of my friends are settling down so I don't get out much :)  I fear I'm going to spend eternity like in the opening scene to Bridget Jones' Diary.  (You know, pjs on, hair piled on top of head, wailing the lyrics to "All By Myself" into a litre tub of ice-cream...)  There's a nice mental image, form an orderly queue boys :)

7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Oh I want to go back to New York, I  would love to travel around Italy, I’d like to see Dubai.

8. How do you think a girl should act, no matter what?  Erm classy and fabulous to quote Coco!  Or what is that one, just keep your head, heels and standards high!

9. If you could buy one thing, no matter how much it costs, what would it be?  I’d have to refer back to question one again oops!  Although if there was unlimited amount of money, I’d quite like a helicopter, a butler and Ryan Gosling...

10. One pet peeve you hate?  Just bad manners in general.  (I’m turning into my Mum…)

11. Your favourite Blogger?  Oh I can’t answer, there are so many amazing bloggers and I find new ones to read each day, that inspire me.  (Often to add things I never knew I wanted or needed to my never ending wish list...)


  1. aww! loved your answers! I laughed out loud to the Bridget Jones reference! I tend to think I'll end up like that hahha ;-)

    1. It's worrying :) Thanks again for nominating me!


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