The Shopping #4: Reiss Sale

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I officially have a problem.  MUST. STOP. SHOPPING.  The more I shop, it becomes a hobby rather than an addiction, right?  I blame my sister for shopping so often and having so many clothes when I was at an impressionable age!

Reiss, isn’t a shop I venture into that often, I love it and I have a few bits from there, but Zara / Topshop are more within my budget.  I think their clothes are classic, timeless pieces and if I had the money, I’d fill my entire work wardrobe from there…sigh!

I bought two things.  This jumper which goes completely against what I just said above about classics but I love the colour, it is so soft and was massively reduced from €135 to €65…  Besides come spring the shops will be full of things this bright, so what if I’m a little early :)

I also, picked up this blouse which was reduced from €175 to €52, which I think is perfect for work or I’ll even wear it with black skinny jeans and ballet flats.

I'm going to stop trying to justify my spending now and leave it at that before this post turns into War and Peace!  Have you bought anything in the sales?


  1. You got some lovely things. Reiss is great for work wear, so smart and well tailored :D


  2. I have an addiction to shopping too! Lovely purchases x

    1. Thank you :) It's not our fault, it's an illness :)

  3. I love the jumper. I love Reiss too, if I could shop there all the time I so would. I'm convinced I think I'm actually Kate Middleton ha! x

  4. Haha well in that case...if it's good enough for Kate :) Found you blog the other day - love it!


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