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Thursday, 27 December 2012

I thought I would put down the tin of Roses, peel myself from the sofa and switch off the Christmas films I've seen countless times and ease myself back into blogging with a tag.  I saw this in a video with Anna and Lily and loved it, so thought I would adapt it into a blog post.
They are two of my favourite Bloggers/Youtubers, you can watch this tag here

What is your earliest beauty memory?

My sister is 17 years older than me so I remember when I was maybe 10-12, I used to sit in her room and watch her do her makeup, getting ready to go out.  I was mesmerised by it all and would go through her makeup collection begging her to put lipstick on me.  I couldn’t wait until I was older so I could wear makeup too.  So it’s all her fault really… :)

What was your first beauty purchase?

I think like a lot of people mine was a MAC lipstick.  It was the shade Hue which I still love to this day. I remember me, pocket money in hand being so excited to finally own one.

When did you first start to wear makeup?

I have quite acne prone skin but even still, I think it was at about 18 which is quite late.  Thankfully I wasn’t too self conscious so didn’t try to cake my skin in makeup to hide it.  (I don’t know if this was a good or bad thing…)  I went to a really strict school so we were not allowed wear makeup there.  I’m obviously making up for lost time!

What was your first beauty disaster?

First and ongoing! Over plucking my eyebrows!  You know how it is - you do one, get carried away, then can’t quite get the other to match…and the worst thing is that I have very fair eyebrows - back away from the Tweezerman Michelle!

Who was your first beauty crush?

Because of my skin issues, I used think that if you had clear skin you must be perfect and have nothing to complain about and would wish to have dry skin…grass is always greener eh?

What was your first brand crush?

Clinique and Clarins as they remind me of my Mum.

What is your longest standing beauty love?

My eyebrow pencil...sigh - see above :)


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